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Passionate about improving the teaching and learning experience for all, Frog delivers so much more than a product-in-a-box, giving schools the ability to adapt, change and personalise. Over 12 million people are connected through Frog around the world, a number that continues to grow as schools recognise the many benefits of an end-to-end solution.

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Frog supports everyday activities, allowing for teaching, learning and wider school life to continue beyond the walls of the classroom. Educating remotely has also become part of life and Frog supports many schools to do this successfully, enabling all aspects of school life to flourish - whatever the circumstances.

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Enrich your workforce, improve staff knowledge, ensure compliance and easily onboard new staff with the FrogLMS. Discover more about how the Frog platform can support your training and development function and empower Subject Knowledge Enhancement provisi0n...

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