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Glowing Inclusion Quality Mark Assessment Report

North Lakes School

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IQM Report


Having already achieved another ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection, North Lakes School in Cumbria had good reason to be satisfied with their results. In October 2018 the school was also assessed by the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) team. Their role is to help schools evaluate and measure how they are performing on their inclusion journey.

Doing Great Work

North Lakes is a 224 pupil-strong 7-11 junior school that includes a Strategically Resourced Provision for Special Educational Needs.




The IQM assessment report states: “The whole team strives to remove barriers to learning, however these may be presented and collaborates to find solutions”. Their desire to see children in the school achieve has driven the implementation of  successful strategies, systems and processes to support their efforts. The IQM assessment report adds: “The impact of this can be seen in the most recent statutory assessments which demonstrate that gaps are narrowing, and pupils are making good progress. In 2018 the school exceeded national expectations in all three areas”.

Impact of FrogLearn

North Lakes has used FrogLearn for several years, a powerful learning platform that provides the school with a great deal of capability. The IQM assessment report recognised the impact technology has had in supporting the school’s activities:

“The FrogLearn platform offers enrichment and learning links as well as homework opportunities”

A development area given in the report suggested:

“Build upon the success of the FrogLearn platform to enhance personalisation and teacher creativity and embed this across the school for all users.”

Involving the pupils and giving them a voice was recognised as a key strength for North Lakes and the IQM assessment report notes that: “FrogLearn has been instrumental in taking this element forward successfully”. The School Council has also benefited from its use.

Learner Progress



Pupil progress is closely monitored by the school from point of entry. This kind of scrutiny requires a robust system which can support staff in this area.

“Staff are supported through the use of FrogProgress which allows for the identification of any emerging gaps.”

As well as supporting staff at the school, the report recognises that a dual benefit of FrogLearn is that it also enhances pupil learning and the school experience.

“FrogLearn provides many opportunities to help pupils engage with learning and connects many areas of school life through access to published learning resources online, thus reinforcing the learning”.

Parental Engagement

North Lakes has not omitted parents in their activities, with strong feedback in the report about the way in which parents are made to feel valued and an important part of school-life.

The school makes good use of their personalised FrogParent Portal which supports their communications with parents linking them with their social channels and forums. This has clearly had a positive effect on parents as the report cites their feedback as:

“Parents are very supportive of the school and were eager to demonstrate the positive relationships they enjoy. All of the parents spoken to commented on the excellent communications, praising the range of technology and social media used that keeps them informed and allows them to support their child at home.”

Great Partnership

North Lakes School serves as an inspirational example, highlighting the importance of a strong leadership and culture, where the focus is to serve their pupils - regardless of ability - equally and inclusively. System implementation has been well considered, with a clearly led approach that ensures it is embedded across all school activities, so it can support everyone in their role at the school.

“It is a privilege for Frog to have been able to collaborate with the team at North Lakes to support them on their road to excellence.”

Gareth Davies, Frog MD

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