Frog Education

About Frog

We are a team of people who are passionate about improving the learning experience for all, whether that be within the classroom or a commercial environment.

For over 20 years our suite of products has evolved the ways in which schools teach,
and businesses deliver training and development.

Frog We believe we can make a difference


We started out as enthusiastic tech people, building software that allowed non-technical educators to create exciting learning resources to help them engage their students.

We've become education experts and learned how to make a real impact on not just children's lives but anyone involved with education and training. For over 20 years our products have been changing the way that schools. academies and businesses function.


The Frog team

At Frog we believe that if we find the right people everything else will fall into place. Our team consists of the most inspiring, hard working, and talented people in the industry and we’re proud to be here.


Our Motivation

We’re enablers, creating education technology solutions that eradicate slow and laborious tasks, enhancing the education experience for teachers and pupils alike.

Partners & Integration

Our partner organisations help us remain relevant to customer needs, we work with organisations who share our motivation to improve education.

Education Advisory

We work with education experts to ensure we develop our product and services in line with where education is today and where it is heading tomorrow.

Our Awards

Our motivation has been to change education for the better. To ensure that teachers have the support they need - we are pleased to be recognised for this.