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As we find ourselves in yet another lockdown situation, we are keen to provide Frog schools with as much help and support as we can. 

In the Frog Virtual Workshop held in December, we asked how we could best support you in 2021 and our audience voted for more webinars. Whilst we intended to work on a programme that would run over a few months, we believe we can be of greater help to you by accelerating these sessions and providing the help needed NOW.

We have started the ball rolling with five pre-planned LIVE sessions that begin this Thursday (7th January) at 4pm. The LIVE format ensures you get the opportunity to ask questions and chat to others throughout. As your availability is most likely 'subject to change' at this time, we recommend registering for the session(s) you are most interested in, as we can send recordings out to those who couldn't make it.

Webinar Topics

Home Learning and messaging in Frog

This is aimed at teaching staff who will learn how to use the simple assignment setting features in Frog to set tasks and activities and structure the school day including keeping everyone in the loop with the Frog Messaging feature.

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

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Home Learning (intermediate)

This session is for teaching staff who want to use more of the Frog tools including sharing Frog sites as engaging lessons and homework.

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

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Analytics and Reporting

This session is designed for senior leaders and data staff to enable you to view patterns of activities for your classes and students and identify and vulnerable children.

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

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Marking, feedback and assignment reporting

This is for teaching staff who wish to learn how to use the digital feedback tools in Frog – reducing the need for worksheets to be physically marked. This session will also show you how to gain valuable mark book reporting.

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

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Frog and Google Classroom

This session is designed to support those schools that want to utilise their google documents within Frog but still benefit from the rich data and analytics that Frog provides.

Duration: 30 minutes (approx.)

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Who's presenting from Frog?


Lucy Evans
Chief Customer Officer


Graham Quince
Solutions Architect


Clare Mabey
Senior Education Consultant

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