Visibility & Leadership

Support decision-making with a central place for key insights

You are in complete control with Frog. Access everything you need from a central point and never miss important information.


View behaviour patterns for staff, students, parents and visitors

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Visibility of homework set and assessed across the school

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Identify gaps in subject knowledge and understanding

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Identify and support vulnerable children


See how parents are engaging with the school and their children

The ease of communication with stakeholders and high-level view of activities supports senior decision-making.

Analytics provide essential data at department or school-group level.

Meaningful management information to hand, regardless of school size or structure.


Centralise Policies & Procedures

Frog enables simple access to multiple documents and procedures via a centralised dashboard.

Update multiple instances of the same information only once. Great for administration across a school group network.



Secure collaboration 

Frog provides a secure environment for trustees, governors and executive teams to collaborate.

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