How to Better Engage with Parents


Every school welcome


In the second free virtual event brought to you by Frog Education – bringing you different perspectives on a range of topics under a blended learning focus – we will be hosting a range of talks based on the all-important parent community.

The role of parents in supporting their child’s education has never been more important; and the role of schools in supporting those parents has become vitally important as a result.

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RWL Presentations



9:00 AM


Lucy Evans, Chief Customer Officer, Frog Education

9:05 AM


Parental Engagement - A standardised approach

Lucy Evans interviews Andy McDonald-Bowyer, Davison CE High School for Girls

9:25 AM

Discussion panel: 

The Importance Of Fostering Positive Parent Engagement

A discussion chaired by Sophie Bailey of The EdTech Podcast. The panel of guests include...

  • Martyn Soulsby, North Lakes School
  • Lois Pugh, Brighton College Singapore
  • John Parsons, The Winston Churchill High School

10:10 AM


Parental Engagement in Practice

Graham Quince and George Bligh, Greenshaw High School

10:30 AM


Lucy Evans, Chief Customer Officer, Frog Education

The Webinar will remain open for 10 minutes after close, with chat left open.


Sophie is the founder of The Edtech Podcast. Her previous role was as Head of Content at Bett, the world’s largest education technology event.
A believer in life after levels, Andy is Deputy Headteacher at Davison CE High School for Girls and has pioneered the new curriculum and formative assessment approaches at Davison High using FrogProgress.
John Parsons is Assistant Head at The Winston Churchill High School in Surrey. Part of his remit is to oversee teaching and learning with focus on the online learning provision and experience.