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It is easy to manage everything you do in an Independent School through Frog. With a single login teachers, admins, parents and students are given a clear route to resources, homework and extra-curricular activities through a personalised dashboard.
Pulling all the child’s learning in one place. Instant access to FrogPlay reports, MarkBook, Progression Charts and MIS data, such as, Attendance, Attainment, Behaviour and Linked Documents.
The impact of the coronavirus around the world has been the first time a crisis of this nature has been felt in the digital age. But for International Schools, increased uncertainty around social, political and environmental change has been a very real concern for some time, with schools recognising that online provision must form a crucial part of business continuity plans.
Use FrogSnap to scan text documents and the app will detect the page edges and automatically line up the shot for you!
Parental engagement is the key to successful student outcomes. Frog can successfully improve strategies, equally empowering and encouraging parents to become involved in their child’s learning.
Frog Progress is the leading choice for schools who are looking to close the attainment gap and to assess and measure progress across the wide range of subjects within Curriculum for Excellence including literacy, numeracy and health and well being.
We are switching IAL schools to FrogPlay. The good news is that there are no changes to the major features you already use, the great news is there are some additional features for you to benefit from.
One of the biggest pet peeves educators have to deal with is term time holidays. As more pupils than ever take time out (BBC News) - here's how Frog can help.
Would you like to try FrogPlay? We are offering existing Frog schools the opportunity of a free two month trial.
Work smart, not hard! Use your Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premiums to cover the cost of FrogPlay.
GSHA working with King Edward VI Foundation and Frog Education offer access to a learning portal to help prepare Pupil Premium students for the 11+ examination.
Could cloud hosting for your Frog platform be the better choice for your school? As schools increasingly look to move software services onto the cloud, as a route to reducing maintenance costs and in-house management, it is a great time to consider cloud hosting for your Frog platform.
It’s human nature to seek new solutions for challenges as they arise but often the answer is closer than we think!
Discover how Frog can help you to to provide remote education for your students!