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Many schools and thought leaders from across the globe came together to share their insights and experience. Their presentations covered topics such as structuring the school day, making use of free resources, involving parents and giving students a network in times of isolation.


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Sophie is the founder of The Edtech Podcast. Her previous role was as Head of Content at Bett, the world’s largest education technology event.
Find out who will be the featured guests on the Frog20 Discussion - chaired by Sophie Bailey.
Bukky supports the development of educators at all levels and promotes projects that help colleagues to maintain their well-being.
Mark's mission has always been to impact positively on the futures of children which has led to him leaving the classroom to pursue that aim on a larger scale.
Education is a world of very special people but you will meet few as extra special as Nina ‘Ninja’ Jackson.
Simon is an experienced international school leader. He has worked across four continents and has led three outstanding British international schools.
Nick is Headteacher of Greenshaw High School in Sutton, a large mixed comprehensive in a highly selective outer London borough.
Kate is Deputy Headteacher with the Education and Leadership Trust, a co-operative academy trust in Manchester, UK.
Andrea will be providing insight on the “50 Things to do Before You’re Five” initiative that has been popular with local authorities nationwide.
Watch our featured school guest presentations at this years' Frog20 Virtual Conference.

How to Better Engage with Parents



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