User Attributes

Users in Frog have a standard set of attributes that are available through our APIs, to find out how these attributes are presented to your app, see sign on claims section.

Users matching or provisioning on the fly must be done with the user objects requested.


Attribute Always available? Description   Field Parameters



Unique identifier for each Frog user; will never change and is consistent across apps. Note: It is not possible for a user to move to a new organisation and keep the same Identity UUID - we recommend using FrogLearn User UUID + Organisation UUID as your primary identifier for a user.
48 Character hexadecimal string

Display name


Role appropriate display name for user, for example "John Smith" or "Mr Smith"


Text, 255 character limit

First name


First name of user (e.g. "John"). This is available for almost all users, but your application should cope with the attribute not being present or containing the empty string.

Text, 255 character limit

Last name


Last name of user (e.g. "Smith"). This is available for all users, but your application should cope with the attribute not being present or containing the empty string.

Note: We will use the user's preferred last name (if they have one) rather than their legal name.


Text, 255 character limit



Role of user in the organisation, possible values are:

"Student" - All learners associated with the institution.

"Staff" - Any staff directly involved in teaching.

"Parent" - These accounts are for parent contacts of students in the institution. Parent accounts have some subtle differences from other user types.

"Other" - The bucket for users that do not fit into one of the above roles. This is at the discretion of the school's Frog administrator, but could include: prospective students, alumni, guests, temporary staff, or industry mentors.

"Admin" - Used by school technicians and senior staff, these accounts have the ability to create other users.


Quoted values only

User Name


All FrogLearn users have a Frog e.g.


Text, 255 character limit

Email address


Email address of the user

Note: This attribute is considered sensitive, so only request it if it's essential to deliver the functionality of your app.


Determined by school administrator



For schools that have configured the MIS data sync capability, Frog is aware of MIS Ids for the users.


MIS dependant

Organisation UUID


The unique identifier for organisation - guaranteed never to change for a given school.


48 Character hexadecimal string

Organisation Name


Display name for organisation - e.g. "St. Mary's School Telford". This may be subject to change


Text field, no limit


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