Discover the benefits of Frog LMS for Learners, Managers and Teams

Put training and development at the heart of your school or MAT with Frog.

With smart design aesthetics and rich, intuitive features and tools the FrogLMS is sure to make a statement about the value you put on your workforce.

Schools are large and complex organisations that house a range of job types and a truly diverse workforce. Few establishments can boast a staff training and development plan that caters for everything from Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Data Compliance and Safeguarding, through to supporting SEND in the classroom, raising attainment and advice for dealing with difficult parents. It is hardly surprising that in schools, staff training and development is such a rich and vital function.

Available on any device, FrogLMS supports the delivery of focused and relevant training, in bitesize chunks, to fit in with busy schedules.

See the benefits for...

LearnersManagersTeams and Organisations



Access training anytime, anywhere

Work through courses at own pace

Browse a catalogue of training and development modules 

Earn certificates to evidence achievements

Explore disciplines beyond job role

Share evidence of learning 

Train online and sign up for face-to-face sessions

Direct own learning and improve knowledge and skills



Moderate and assess team training outcomes

Clear reporting tools for intervention and support

 Conduct positive reviews and 1:1s around goals and achievements

Allow staff to undertake further training and development

Direct own learning and improve knowledge and skills

Report and monitor staff progress


Assign training content to groups and individuals

Create in-house training content via browser-based authoring

Create linear and non-linear training paths 

Assign certificates based on assessment or course completion

Use automated, manual and self-assessment

Access reports to monitor staff and course success

Set due-dates to ensure compliance

Build a rich directory of training courses



Deliver consistent training and induction programmes to all staff

Evidence understanding of the ethos, policies and processes 

 Onboard all new staff to an agreed standard

Ensure statutory compliance fulfilled through structured training

Attract and retain talent

Build a culture of learning and improvement

Celebrate a culture of training and development

Manage output of apprentices, workers, temps and more!