Heart of your culture

Frog LMS will help you to drive forward a strong culture of training and development.

Whether you're a small prep school that values a culture of learning, or a large MAT channelling a consistent way of working and strong culture...

Frog provides everything needed to make it happen.

FrogLMS will help you drive forward a strong culture of training and development.

Align Staff

Grow People

Drive Improvement

Nurture Your Culture

Align Staff


Ensuring everyone is pulling in the same direction is one of the biggest challenges for any organisation. With Frog, in-school or Trust-wide training can be tailored to fit, aligned to your systems, processes, policies, environment, and people.

Being able to assign, monitor and support training modules ensures the right training reaches the right people, in the right way.


Grow People


Developing a culture of continual growth is great for you and your people.

Using the branded platform option highlights the importance that you place on learning and development, great for attracting potential staff and for the morale of existing teams.

As well as structuring training for all staff, through Frog a broad library of online training opportunities can be promoted, empowering people to drive their own professional development.

Drive Improvement


Staying ahead is a continual journey. With Frog you have access to a dynamic platform that helps maintain standards and improve performance. Staff will naturally grow through the continued professional development on offer.


Stay ahead with Frog:

  • Run clear, consistent, relevant inductions
  • Deliver up-to-date training for statutory compliance
  • Give organisation-based training around systems, policies and procedures
  • Offer focused professional development to improve standards and performance

Nurture Your Culture


Culture is one of the most difficult things to define in an organisation, but for your stakeholders – staff, students, parents and beyond – it has immense value.

With a single, tailored, training and development platform for all staff, you will be able to promote and sustain a positive culture, that embodies your values.


Customer Stories

Our constant target is to help businesses, multi-academy trusts and schools achieve their people development goals & objectives. See how we have helped different organisations to successfully do this...

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With unparalleled web-based content creation and course authoring, the FrogLMS brings a refreshing and engaging way to deliver large scale compliance, onboard new staff and provide CPD training content to all your teams.